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I’m new to fstoppers! I would love to become a freelance travel photographer one day, just unsure how to begin right now! I’m travelling around Europe currently so taking lots of pictures and getting more practice!
I have more pictures here on my flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/129314723@N03/albums

Any tips and feedback welcome :)

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Hi Ellen,

well, I think the the staircase pic is nice. I like it. Others not so much, the cat pic sux as it does not possess any value perhaps other than emotional.
The lady in red seems underexposed. interesting subject.
The ruins pic would be better presented by cropping the right hand side, can be called negative space.
please try to post something that tells a story....
You are obviously in the first steps of your photographic journey so remember if you have passion for this strange craft it has to endure years of practice.
First thing would be composition and interesting angles. lots to learn from leading youtubers.
I hope not too blunt.. welcome.

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Haha, thank you for your honesty, don’t worry not too blunt, made me giggle anyway, I would prefer to hear it and improve than not :P
I am in the beginning stages yes, any advice is good for me right now :) thanks!