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Travel Photgraphy

Hi my name is Jordyn, I’m 17 years old. As a 17 year old, I am trying to figure out what career path I want to do. I am really passionate about photography especially landscape and animal life. I have a couple of questions to ask to see if travel photographer is a career that I might want to pursue. Here are my questions:
1) Do you have to do any sort of schooling for it; if so what would you major in for it?
2) How do you get jobs in different countries?
3) Am I going to make enough profit for me to live?
4) Where should I upload or keep a portfolio?
Thank you so much!! Also please check out my instagram that I just started and follow me!! My instagram is @jwhitphotography

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Hi, Jordyn Whitaker. You've got the right idea. You've got to reach out. Reach out more.

People have been getting places by reaching out since forever. Recently I learned, of two brothers who made it all the way up to the rulers of the otoman empire way back when by doing that. If you haven't read it, read this article:

Basically what you have to do is find influential people to learn from and who can support you with your goals. Ultimately the same goes for your customers or employers.

There's also two books, I can recommend you on how to do it and avoid common pitfalls:
How to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie and
Never eat alone by Keith Ferrazzi.

Hope this helps, even though I'm not a pro photographer. Good luck.