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Comments and Criticism

Hi all,

New to the group and first time poster. I finally have some images I'm not ashamed to post but I know I can still do better. Any comments & criticism would be appreciated on the following images.

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Welcome to the group Lolu! Here's my feedback for your six photos:

1: the model looks to be a little bit off-center. I feel like her hands are too important in the composition to be as out of focus as they are. I think a little smaller on the aperture would not affect the background too adversely. overall, I like this

2: I really like this photo, especially how her leg becomes a leading line. I would just trim off that dark whatever it is on the left edge of the frame.

3: the centering is off, and the chromatic aberrations on the table are very pronounced.

4: might just be the cheap screen I'm looking on, but the tint seems to be a bit far into magenta, and her hand is chopped off awkwardly.

5: over the shoulder poses can be difficult, but I think you nailed this one. however, I think the white balance could do with some warming, and the exposure levels adjusted a bit so the sun on the building doesn't distract from the model.

6: centering is off, which is resulting in one half-cropped arm. also, I'm note sure about the model's expression. it seems almost confrontational

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HI Matt,

Thanks kindly for all the feedback, you have no idea how much I appreciate it. I'll have to share some of my more recent images.