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Damelys Mendoza's picture

Studio Fashion Portraits

I'm new here so I wanted to post some photos a recent studio shoot I did.
The styling was done by me and I talked with my makeup artist to achieve a fashion yet simple look.

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Max Greene's picture

Great work with the light

Sennia Kyle's picture

I really love #2 and #3. The first and last one suffer from a wrinkled or blotchy background and for whatever reason my eye goes straight there. That said, they're still nice images. Cool model and the makeup is great.

Damelys Mendoza's picture

Thanks for the feedback! It bothered me too, but then me and my team decided to leave it as a texture for the background since it is a pice a vinyl. Thanks for appreciating the lighting, model and makeup.

Dom Oranika's picture

I agree, I love #2. There is so much depth and nice separation with the tungsten light

Myron Edwards's picture

#2 and #3 are superb and have fantastic lighting