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Daniel Fellowes's picture

Colourful Retro Fashion in Brighton

We were out and about shooting a loosely themed 90's fashion shoot in Brighton and came across this amazingly colourful shop with seating outside - had to have a play with it!

The main purpose of the bubbles was to make full use of the 3D effect of a Nimslo 3D film camera we were shooting with (I attempted to attach the GIF here but it didn't work! IG is @lxstart if you want a look.) We ended up shooting some digitally too to capture the bold colours.

I went a bit overboard on the colours in post, but with a bit of encouragement from my partner who enjoys very bright colours, I've stuck with it and grown to love it.

Would appreciate your thoughts on the image!

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Sennia Kyle's picture

I like it! But it took me a while to figure out what that oddly shaped thing was until you said it was a bubble, lol... easier to tell though when I zoomed in more. I think the colors look great, well done.

Marc Lavergne's picture

Hi Daniel, I like it but find the surroundings on the busy side. To me the patterns on the chair, her skirt and stockings I find conflicting especially if you add the background.

The color scheme is excellent, the pose and the model are excellent. To me the crop of her legs could been better, another angle perhaps?

But the overall feel is good, the image tells a story which is the most important.

I hope this helps,