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I took some photos of a lady...

... with my camera. Please tear them to pieces (in a constructive manner).

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I really like the first two, however, her bra lines and twisted strap in the yellow sweater image totally kill it for me. Otherwise I would rate that a 4, I love the lighting and mood.

Regarding the bikini/lingerie shots, the one where she's standing is pretty decent although her legs are a lot less saturated than her upper body. This is way more obvious in the shot where she's sitting. She also looks very uncomfortable and unhappy in that shot whereas the expression works better in the first two images. Her thumbnail is very bright and draws the eye like a beacon, I probably would have darkened it or changed the color in post. In the sitting shot, she looks really greasy and over-saturated on the top half of her body and her legs look pretty splotchy, where they don't in the shot where she's standing up. I'm not sure if the lighting changed or your MUA smeared something on her, but the softer skin in the shot where she's standing works a lot better.

Another thing to consider (that you may not always be able to control) is the fit of the garments. Her bra is too low because the straps are too long and it appears too small - not in a good way - in the shot where she's sitting down. It works a lot better in the shot where she's standing, I suspect mostly because of the lighting.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks so much for the analysis. I posted the 3rd shot although I wasn't really happy with the edit, I'll revisit and see if I can bring it more in line with the first two.

I only noticed the strap on her top once the images were in the computer, as usual I was so focused on lighting and settings that I overlooked the little things, which can become big things.

Not much changed between the 2nd and 3rd shots, I suspect she's shinier because of the type of contrast I used (NIK collection).

MUA I wish, it was just myself and the model.

Thanks again!

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Hi Alex,

To me I kind of consider these more as portraits than fashion. As portraits I like the mix of specular light seen on camera left in the first and second images and softer light in front of your model.

If you want to pursue more on fashion photography I suggest you get a more even lighting, almost a flat ratio but not quite all over the model and remember the clothing is the star, the model is to some degree an accessory to showcase the product. When I was doing fashion shows I always had the focus point aimed at somewhere in the model midsection.

Black backdrops aren't mainstream either for fashion but it's different. Keep on shooting!


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Hi Marc, I did post them in a portrait group as well, I just wanted as much feedback as possible. Thanks for the tips!