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Dealing with color casts

When shooting interiors you will sometimes find walls and ceilings with dramatically different colors. It can be a real challenge to keep those colors from "mixing" with each other and throwing a color cast over the entire image.

How do you prevent that? You use your experience and a few tools from your photographers toolbox.

In this case I was dealing with yellow, green and white (along with the furniture, window frames, sunlight coming in the window and incandesent lighting). How did I do?

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Looks like it came out great! Was this an HDR, or was flash involved?

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Korey: Thanks. It was a combination of HDR and flash. Seven shots blended together.

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Hi Michael, I think this is a really well balanced shot and you've done a great job at defining the colours. Purely subjective, but the only thing I would have done differently is to have slightly lowered the blind in the window - it's a big window and dominates the room. Lowering it a third of the way down might help to soften the shot.

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Thank you Rob.

Lowering the blind on the window is an interesting suggestion. I usually leave them open because when closed I often think the viewer asks this question, "what are you trying to hide that is outside the window?"

In some cases I have done just what you suggest (usually with a window that looks out on an adjoining home/building). Lowering it one-third still shows what is outside, but draws less attention to it.