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Photo shoot for Architect - Net Zero Home

Hello. First time posting here for constructive criticism. These are "flambients" for the most part. The square-ish crops are stitched frames with 24mm tilt shift. My client's goal was to show Net Zero homes don't necessarily need to be cold, sterile, contemporary. They can be cozy and traditional which is the prevailing style in my area (ugh.) CC welcome!

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You've done well. These are quite pleasing. I don't shoot real estate anymore, but it's a funny thing that I ran into. I asked real estate agents that were also customers of mine when I owned a tennis shop. They said to the person that they preferred to shoot their listings with their phones.

They didn't want a photographer to make their listed homes look too good for fear that potential clients would be disappointed that the home doesn't look as it did in the pictures.

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Very solid shots in my opinion - the interior lighting is excellent. I think there are some opportunities to give more of a warm glow to some of the shots, but that's really more of a personal preference and would take a second seat to the client's preferences. If I were the client, I'd be happy with these shots. Well done.

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really nice work here Kim :)

I think these are some fabulous shots Kim, you should be proud!

Windows are just perfect. White balance is nice. Nit-picking I'd say your 24mm TSe, although pretty tame as wide goes, is still 'ultra-wide'... Thus, foreground consideration is critical. For instance, the white flowers in the first image are looking p-r-e-t-t-y big :)

You could cut them in half by sliding them right, crop half that wall away to lose nothing, or just step into the shot a wee bit... (oops there they are again in the 2nd to last shot looking, well, sorta obvious :)

Honestly; nice work!