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twilight shoot

other than the blown out lights on the front of the house any thoughts on the overall look/feel of this one?

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Hi Ian, I would have gone full night sky on this one instead of blending two different skies. The edges of the house and the tree on the left look fake. The clouds are distracting, and the house is already in a nocturnal mood. Otherwise it's a solid image and composition.

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Thanks for the feedback Nick, but it's actually not a composite sky, single exposure... but it is composited to the home photo. The original sky was just a flat blue and kind of boring.

Ian, maybe you took it too far? How about reducing the added saturation in the sky by 50% and see if you like it.

You already mentioned the blown out lights. Is this a Raw image? If so, how about converting it again with the whites @ -50 and the highlights reduced completely. Then add that as another layer and mask in the lights again and play with the opacity until you regain some of the texture of the stucco.

I think if you do those two things you'll have a killer shot.

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Good suggestion Daniel, I will give that try. Thanks

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Looks good

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edit: nevermind, you already mentioned the blown out lights. The sky needs a little transitional work but I like this a lot, really interesting.

I really like this shot!