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London Office based photography

Recently I've been doing a few shoots in London of office spaces, quite a lot of the rooms are quite small so have been trying to make them seem bigger than they actually are. Ive tried to go for a clean/expensive look to reflect the price and exclusivity of the offices. Any feedback would be great!

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Chris Jablonski's picture

I think you've achieved those things, Alexander. The rooms certainly don't look poky, and they and your images look classy. The only nit I'd pick is their choice of wallpaper in the third! Well done.

Alexander Parnell's picture

Thank you Chris, Im glad you liked the images! Yes the wallpaper is "intresting" haha.

Rob Woodham's picture

The first shot is very strong, in my opinion. The finishes and materials are well lit and easy to identify. The portrait shots tend to make the office feel a bit cramped (which it probably is but obviously isn't a great perspective to provide to someone who's looking to lease). I would recommend lowering your perspective a bit when shooting scenes that are primarily seating related - sometimes giving a perspective that's more from the height of someone who is also seated helps convey the use of the area - this would be great for the lounge shot. The atrium photo showing the different floors is killer.

The photos are technically fantastic. If I were to nitpick, it would just be the composition items above. Excellent work, thanks for sharing!

Alexander Parnell's picture

Thank you once again rob for your great feedback, not that you've mentioned it I can see what you mean about the heights of the shots. I will keep this in consideration for my next shoots!

Bill Zidis's picture

Excellent results,shows the space without been extreme