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Interior photography & Capture One

Hi guys and girls!

I am new to Fstoppers, so please correct me if this is off topic.

As a lot of other people I have been used to edit my photos in Lightroom and now I am serious about switching to Captue One.

In almost all instances I get a better result with C1, however not when it comes to interior photography.

In Lightroom I have been used to use the HDR merge function. This is not avalable out of the box with C1. Ofcourse there is the posibility to merge the images with a third party software but I would like to avoid this.

C1 has the HDR tool which does a great job when we are talking small recovery of shadows and highlights. But sometimes the difference will be to big for C1 to handle nicely.

SO any of you guys use C1 for interior and how do you combat this issue?

(This is not a very good image but it was the only one I had on this computer)


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This angle is a good choice and I like the color combination. I suggest that bringing down the highlights through a darker exposure will prevent the door from being too bright. Also, I think that some small specks on the ceiling panels should be removed.

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Personally, I think multi-image HDR is WAY overdone in architectural photography, but if you want to use it, that's your business.

Were these edited in C1?

I use the app for all my own work and while I don't shoot a lot of interiors, the ones I have edited in C1 have come out fine. I use the Levels tool to recover highlights and shadows and C1's noise reduction is better than anything else I've used. And the perspective tools are super simple.

The current version of the app introduced some powerful new tools, so I wouldn't be surprised if some kind of merge tool comes to the app in the next major update.

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Hi Phillip,
Yes both of these wew edited in C1. The first picture is with correct exposiure and the second is under exposed. Then the shadows are recoverd with a combination of the exposiure tool, hdr tool and levels.

I do agree that the HDR effect is used "unclasssy" in a lot of examples. The only thing I would use it for is for a bit more of dynamic range, but still with a natural feel.

Could you post a link to some of your C1 interior work? :)

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I use C1 for all my processing. I do use strobe to compensate for ambient instead of using HDR.
I haven't had a problem with highlight recovery or opening shadows. Maybe choose more of a middle exposure and use layers to work your shadows and highlights separate.

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I like the tones on the 1st image, but, like the front door details on the 2nd image. I'm not sure the results you were going for, but, if it were me, using the 2nd image:

1. Play with the RGB curves. Grab the middle and drag down little by little.


2. Play the Levels Shadow slider. Move to the right little by little.