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First time architecture/real estate shoot, feedback appreciated!

Hey everyone. I recently purchased the Sony FE 16-35 f4 to pair with my A7 III in an attempt to try some architecture/real estate photography. I made my first attempt at shooting a home exterior yesterday, and even though I couldnt shoot at twillight, I've managed to create the below with just a HDR shot and some dodging and burning. Any thoughts/opinions/feedback would be appreciated! Cheers

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Hey Alex, great shot! All I have to say is that the room light downstairs has burst on it and the other thing is that I would moved the table and chairs more to the right, I feel like it's somehow to centered to the window. That is all, keep shooting and hope it helps :)

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Thanks for the feedback Alexandru! I plan on shooting the same location again in a few weeks so will take on the feedback. Definitely agree on the table and chairs and will loose the burst on the light downstairs. Thanks again!

Alex you've chosen a challenging subject for your first shoot.

The overhanging roof causes deep shadows that should have reveled more detail if you did an HDR. I also would have recommended shooting with a polarizer to remote a little of the window reflections.

It's also too bad you couldn't shoot in the blue hour and composite a darker image with the tungsten lights more prominent into this image. That could be stunning.