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Starting My Architectural Portfolio

I recently decided to pursue architectural photography, but assuming I'll have a hard time getting work if I don't have a portfolio. So I went wandering around Atlanta yesterday and got these. Really happy with a couple of them. Any thoughts?

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William Hunt's picture

Hi Zander. Are you using a shift lens to straighten up those verticals or are you doing it in software? My initial thought was of how well your first image would work in black and white with high contrast. My second thought (and this always seems to apply when photographing buildings) is that it is often helpful to identify the particular quality/physical property that piques your interest in a building and then focus in on that property/quality in abstract isolation. And then treat that as your subject material exclusively, abstracting further as you go.

Zander Bastedo's picture

Thank you for the feedback.
Unfortunately, I won't be able to afford a shift lens for some time, so I'm forced to do it in post. That will be my next big purchase though.

I definitely agree with what you're saying, and do attempt to focus more on the abstract sometimes, but I was afraid of pushing too far into the fine art realm. Is that a real concern? If I'm trying to book jobs as an arch photographer, do potential clients appreciate the abstract?

And thank you regarding the first picture! I do have a b&w version, but I'm not sure if I'm happy with the processing yet.

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Nice photos.
What is your market?
The Architect?
Building owner?
Just abstract art?
As an Architect you should ask me about it if for me.
Same for the owner.
Good luck.

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Thank you! I am definitely wanting to work with architects, builders, owners, etc.
I like doing some more abstract stuff as well, but not really trying to pursue that career-wise.

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Good to know.
Just pointing out what I as an Architect expect.
Good luck and your work as art is good.
Also be sure if selling the art you have permission of the building owner.

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Thank you for the advice!

Joe Malone's picture

Hi Zander, have a look at Martine Hamilton Knights architectural photography, she's one of the best in the UK in this subject area, and I think you'd find it useful to see how she approaches this. She also runs a photography training school. I've known Martine for a few years now, and whilst not my subject area, I was always very impressed with her work.


Zander Bastedo's picture

Thanks for the info, I'll definitely check her out!