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Paying for Submissions to Magazines ?

I recently starting sending images to different Magazines in hopes for a feature online or (fingers crossed) in print. Its my first time doing so, so I didn't have any high hopes. I heard back from a smaller mag and bigger mag looking to pick it up. Of course I figured its better to go with the bigger of the 2 but they asked for an "advertorial fee"

Shooting for free is not something I do anymore, but paying for a feature in a mag doesn't sit right with me....Is this the direction the industry is heading or is this just another case of photographers being taken advantage off?

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Depends what you want for your business, brand, marketing, etc. Some photogs will do this, but most won't. I know I won't and rather work harder on magazines/networking with them at the right places and time to get their attention to ask me for an assignment or offer them some current images I already have in stock. I know Kendra Paige would be the perfect person to answer your question, if she doesnt here I'd recommend PMing her! Especially reading her articles posted on Fstoppers tons of help.


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I'd def like the exposure but theres no way I'm paying a magazine for a feature. I'm not that desperate yet lol. I agree, I'd rather spend more time working to get into the right places and meet the right people then paying my way in.