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What do you think of these shots from today's session with Denise Emilia?

Went out to the park to shoot this afternoon. Hope you like them.


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Great captures! Love the composition. If there is one thing that I felt was out of place, it was the cigarette. I'm not sure the image gained anything from it and, it is a little distracting. Over all I really like the coloring and depth of field.

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I had the same reaction as Sean.

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Thank you guys! I appreciate your feed back!

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I also agree with Sean. The cigarette was the first thing my eyes went to. Aside from that these are excellent. The sillouette of her left leg in the skirt adds a lot of depth and shape.

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i like it.. expose proper... the composition and colours are very rare.. (Y)


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They are all great! Love the BW :)

Great images Bill. How did you light he model? Lighting is not overpowering, post is great and really nice composition overall. Well done.

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Thanks Everyone!

Paul, I used a Profoto B1 with a Profoto large parabolic Silver umbrella with a diffusion front cover. I position it right out of my frame for soft but punchy light.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you Lee!

Nicely done

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Wardrobe wise, I'd like to see something paired with the red bodysuit like a wide belt..Great series and innovative use of shadows. I like the urban feel of the cigarette.

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Love the last one. :)

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Great set, I feel the last one is a little out of the theme, but great in general. There is a mexican photographer called Mauricio Arouesty who does very good photos with this style, maybe you should watch his work. Good job

All great images. The one with the skirt however I do find my eyes going to whatever that background is. Despite the bokeh the background seems to be drawing more attention than it should at least to me. Also, get rid of the cigarette please. Overall very nice work!

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Great work again Bill, ill be shooting with the Beautiful Denise in a week or so hopfuly my work will be post worthy.