I am very new to photography, I need some advices.

Hello guys, I recently got into photography, I bought a Samsung NX1000 with 20-50mm kit lens.

I am looking for a way to improve myself, I also have some questions.

1. Why are my photos are low-like resolution?
2. How can I improve my shots?

I know the basics, I know how camera works. The hardest thing for me is composition. I am familiar with photoshop.

I think that two of them look low res, because I shot them with 1/50 handheld which messed up my focus.

I uploaded some photos, would love to hear some critique.

Thanks in advance!

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Stefan Gonzalevski's picture

Hello, the first picture is great. Except maybe the lid, a bit dark.
For the watches, there is a kind of rule about setting hour at 10:10. For the white screen, the shadow is a bit too strong. You could make another shot without shadow and mix them in photoshop. And also use ofcus stacking to have the whole product sharp.