Another watch

I just got a watch from a friend of mine. I want to take as many different pictures as possible because I have to give it back soon.

The first one is a comp but I took all images by myself. The stone is from an aquaristics shop nearby. This comp is also my first "big one" because I'm not as good in compositing as i want to.


Thoughts or tips?

I’m a high school student and interested in photography.

This was part of an assignment on aperture and shutter speed.

I want to improve and thought this could be a good way, so be please be brutally honest in what ways this could be better. Thank you.

Software to use for download pics Wifi ON NEW MAC PRO

Hi there, i am new in the group, we are shooting furniture and i need a software that i can download the pics by wifi as soon we are taking them, we are using Cannon camera, the thing is we download one App, but on the new Mac it doesn't reconize or it's not yet the software update for the new Mac Pro , and I can not exchange the laptop. Is...

Can this be used for a Car Ad

I wanted to try something different for a car pic. This one is taken by Olympus EM1mkII using art filters. I wonder if it can be used for car ads for Hyundai....The BW looks pretty dramatic I think...C&C ?
Olympus OMD EM1mkII
f/9, 1/200s, ISO 200, -0.3EV, 24mm (48mm in FF)

I am very new to photography, I need some advices.

Hello guys, I recently got into photography, I bought a Samsung NX1000 with 20-50mm kit lens.

I am looking for a way to improve myself, I also have some questions.

1. Why are my photos are low-like resolution?
2. How can I improve my shots?

I know the basics, I know how camera works. The hardest thing for me is...

Picture of a mouse

Hi, i just bought this mouse because i searched a flat mouse. I was fascinated about the surface of this mouse and the reflection of the light from this surface. I tried to capture this in a photo. How do you think about the lighting? Comments are welcome. Thanks, Matthias

Shotgun, Product shot experiment

I got some new alien bee's. I just wanted to do some test in product photography and experiment. It was a challenge for me to light this. I haven't done much product photography except a handful of time.

I would love it if I could get some CC. I'm looking to improve my lighting and compositing.

Stone IPA

Trying to "perfect" product work. C&C welcome. I'd like comments around lighting and it's overall presentation.