What you guys think?

cc are very welcome. Thanks!
Last: October 20, 2020


Shot this beefy knife for my portfolio. Trying to break in to product photography. Please critique!
Last: October 19, 2020

My New Sports shoe

Practicing some techniques with lighting and editing. Critiques and suggestions are appreciated!
Last: September 24, 2020

Patrón and Lime

Stuck at home due to the pandemic so, I got out the lights and did some indoor creative photography with what I had on...

Storm Truck

June 13, 2020 there was a massive hail storm that came through the Calgary, Alberta, Canada area causing more than $1...

Nautica Voyage

practicing some techniques with lighting, sets and editing.. Critiques and suggestions much appreciated!

Othello Gold Zivania Premium

Any feedback on my recent shoot is greatly appreciated.
Last: June 26, 2020

Bottle in a cellar

I’d love to hear your comments on this recent shoot of mine. Thanks in advance!
Last: June 10, 2020

Perfume bottle

How do you think it looks? I would appreciate if you comment.
Last: June 8, 2020

Mixing Landscape and Product Photography

I feel conflicted about which genre in photography I'd really like to focus on. I enjoy landscape, product and...

Cool off...

I’m loving product photography and can see myself getting into this more. Water was the obvious choice for this shot,...
Last: June 2, 2020

Givenchy perfume

Hi guys! Any thoughts about this image, I went for a moody look. Thought it would suit the shape and brand. Any ideas...
Last: June 1, 2020

I need help

Here's my first "serious" attempt at product photography. I got these shots more as a result of experimenting, rather...
Last: May 16, 2020


one over head lighting

Mossberg Patriot in 6.5 PRC

Not nearly good enough for me to ship to the editor, but certainly a fun challenge during quarantine. At least I...
Last: April 22, 2020

‘Capture Adventure’

Is anybody else slowly starting to run out of things/products to shoot in the house!? 😂 Taken yesterday, I’ve just...

Timberland Product Shot

Hello all, First of all, I hope everyone is safe and well! All this extra time has got me shooting my own shoes! From...

Watch Product Photography

I don't currently have a large flash set up, but I wanted to try and get as much of the final image as possible...
Last: March 16, 2020