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Simple wine bottle

I built a small black plastic box and cut out two rectangular areas from the back side (for rim lights) and one from the right side (key light). I also cut a circular hole in the front side, and I stick my lens into it. Over the back and side apertures I glued white diffusing paper.

In this way I can shoot reproducible photographs of...

My first shot at product photography

Hi group,

See below my first product photo, obviously a composite of several photos I shot. I followed instructions by several youtubers on the topic. What I like about product photography is the controlled environment and I believe if one is a good product photographer, he has a lot of what he needs for other types of photography, such...

Product Hero Shot Practice

Hi, this is my first post here.

I've been a product retoucher for many years and recently started "focusing" more on the photography side. I'm looking to improve my photography, lighting and image editing. I photographed and edited these mock ads for this purpose.

Constructive critiques welcome of course.

Glass weave candleholder

As I'm building a portfolio for my wife's glass art, I'm learning more about lighting the curved glass (and the headaches that come with it). This piece is a weaved candleholder that is beautiful during the day, but is absolutely stunning at night when the candle is lit.

For this image, I placed the glass in a dark photo cube and placed...

Babolat Shoe

I have never done this sort of work but I wanted to try something different. It was a time intensive project and I am decently happy with my results.

Nike Shoe

I am looking for critique!

I shot this a while ago and reedited it - now I am looking for someone who is willing to tell me the truth about this photo.

If you want to critique more of my photographs - feel free to do this on my profile or also on Instagram (smatthiasc -

Thank you...

The Crystal Queen

Playing around with light on shiny things for products. Poor Queen, unlike Midas, anything she touches turns to crystal. The last of her kind. I focus stacked the images. I couldn't figure out how to truly light the center of the stand the girl is sitting in. Any ideas? Also how do you properly illuminate the objects from behind. I tried taking...

First Product Feedback Please

Hello everyone,

I would appreciate any feedback. This is my first try at shooting something like this. Watched some youtube videos on focus stacking and product photography, was really intrigued, and thought I would give it a try. I decided on this ring because it has a lot of texture, and dings from wear. I thought about smoothing out...

Sugar in the Raw

So besides shooting a lot of food photography I also shoot A LOT of knockout images for clients websites. Here is a recent shot I did for sugar in the raw. I believe it is being used both in their sell sheets to restaurants and to be used on their website. A lot of retouching but hopefully it doesn't really show.