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Looking for feedback

I’d appreciate your feedback on my recent shoot of a wine product.

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James Morris's picture


I like the edge lighting and overall feel.

However I would like to see more detail in the main label and neck label, if this was for one of my clients they would reject just because their logo and branding is not clearly shown due to the vertical low light. If you have extra lights you can do this with a spot or snoot, if not light it as a separate image, cut out label and add as a layer in PS, might be able to just bring shadows up in a new RAW conversion and add as a new layer. Then if it looks a bit flat add a soft low key grad across the label that is more subtle than what’s currently shown

Hope that makes sense.

Firat Tuzunkan's picture

Thanks, James! I do appreciate your feedback. You’re right about the label. Especially the neck label. I’ll try to make it more readable. And work more on the main label. Thanks again for taking the time to give me feedback!