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Matthias Schmitt's picture

Nike Shoe

I am looking for critique!

I shot this a while ago and reedited it - now I am looking for someone who is willing to tell me the truth about this photo.

If you want to critique more of my photographs - feel free to do this on my profile or also on Instagram (smatthiasc - https://www.instagram.com/smatthiasc/?hl=de)

Thank you for true opinion!

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Robert Tran's picture

I'm not a product photographer, so will leave the technical aspects to more experienced members to critique. One question I have though is how the shoe actually looks. Are the pink and teal really part of the shoe or is that from the lighting? As long as the shoe consumers would be buying is accurately represented, I dig the pastel / almost retro vibe.

Matthias Schmitt's picture

Thank you for your comment!
Unfortunately the shoe is white - I just tried out some knew lighting gear. I know a product shot should represent the actual product - but maybe Nike should produce those :D

Eric Crudup's picture

I like the colors but I think the gels on the lights are taking over the image and the shoe's original color. It looks like gelled lights in a softbox and the colored light is raking over the entire surface of the shoe. For the same Effect I'd try out hard light, no softbox, and maybe an angle more behind the shoe. So you get accents of those cool looking colors but the original color of the shoe is still intelligible. Also the shadow looks unrealistic.

The composition, color scheme, and everything else is excellent though. Great job!