I want to try my hand at HSS but I'm lost ...

I'm hoping someone on this group can help. I currently own a Nikon d7000 and two Nikon SB600 flashes and I have read they "can" do HSS off camera. Rumor has it that the Godox/Flashpoint R2 triggers will allow HSS off camera.

Has anyone had any experience with this setup and or have any recommendations?

beach shoot

model Lisi
Half Moon Bay, CA. Shot under the arch with shade, early afternoon.
Sony A7 55mm f3.2, 1/2500s iso100. Godox AD360 with 18in octabox, HSS 1/1 power camera right angle at 45/45.

Show us how you setup and shoot your HSS gears?

Welcome to the HSS High Speed Sync group.
Feel free to share how and what to setup and use your HSS lighting and gears.

For me I started with my Nikon D610 with Godox AD360 light. I used YN622N on top of my camera hot shoe, then Godox transmitter on top of the 622N.

later I switched from Nikon to Sony A7. I struggled to find...