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Porsche Cayman, my latest 3D composite

Pros and cons please

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It has a really nice mood to the photo. If you are looking for critiques, it would probably be the unrealistic reflection of the car on the ground. Looks almost as if you just took the car and mirrored it in post to create the reflection.

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Could you please elaborate to better understand what makes it fake to your eyes? :-)

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Sure thing. A perfectly identical reflection would only happen if the camera was sitting perfectly on the plane which the reflection is happening. So in this instance we have a slightly higher view off the ground. So we should be seeing a bit of the underside of the car in the reflection rather than an identical reflection.

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I made an extreme example but I think you get the idea. You should be able to see the underside of the car in the reflection if it's supposed to look like it was shot from higher up than the ground.