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Moe Zainal's picture

Porsche 718 Cayman S

Hey guys,

I started this hobby a bit over a year ago, I recently shot this Cayman S & I would love to hear your thoughts on it.

You can see more @ https://www.instagram.com/actionscripter/

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Torgeir Moen's picture

Very good photo serie, but the first one dosent have the same style. Awsome

Moe Zainal's picture

Thank you buddy :-)

Shaun Maluga's picture

Nice like your work! Would love to see a breakdown of these images :)

Moe Zainal's picture

Thank you Shaun, I do post breakdowns on my instagram account @ http://instagram.com/actionscripter

Roman Lavrov's picture

Looks good.

Moe Zainal's picture

Hi Roman & Thank you, it means alot to me. I am a big fan of your inspiring work :)

Roman Lavrov's picture

great work! congrats

Shintaro Maeda's picture

Very nice!

Diko Jelev's picture