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Sanna Vornanen's picture

KTM the Bike

My husband decided to sell his KTM and I wanted to take good photos for the selling ad. As usuals, it got out of the hands :D

I build this one from seven different exposures. Shoot with Canon 6D and Sigma 35mm Art 1.4. Lights were Godox AD360 ll and Godox V860ll transmitters with X1.

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Claude CarP's picture

Hey Sanna, I love the photo! I like the mood: the garage or shed or whatever really complements the bike.

The tank is a tiny bit too dark for me but for the rest it's a great photo!

Sanna Vornanen's picture

Hi Claude! Thanks for the feedback, it’s always pleasure to get one. Now you mentioned I think you’re quite right with that tank...

Bruno Vieira's picture

Catalogue image. Well done.

Daisy Rowley's picture

amazing !