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Any tips/critiques for this Corvette detail shot?

Hello all,

I'm very new to photography but not new to cars. With only a few weeks of shooting my new camera I'm trying to draw on the latter experience to highlight what I think are the interesting angles and features of cars I'm familiar with. Hopefully to compensate for my lack of photographic experience :)

So with that, what can I improve about a shot like this?

Thanks for the help!

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As part of a set I think this is a great detail shot. On its own, I think it lacks some dynamism to make it a compelling solo image. Love the colour grade you have done though.

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Hey, thanks for the comment. Yeah I feel that. I did get some other wider shots of the car but the show I was at wasn't particularly well laid out for photography so they just weren't particularly clean. Light pole growing out of the roof, other cars and people in the background. Not terrible but not my finest work so I didn't post them.

I'm sad to say that the colors are mainly the work of my camera! The only color modification I did was turning up the vibrance a bit and turning the yellow saturation all the way down to get rid of the reflection of a paint line I removed from the pavement. Other than that the only editing I did was with the tone to get nice contrast. So far I've been able to get the light laying on the car the way I want it with a circular polarizing filter and composition.

I think this is good like Shaun but usually at car shows, not that I am a petrol head, try and get shots from all angles.People and things do get in the way but you just have to get around that.Sometimes if you can find the owner they will pose with the car for you which will make for an interesting pic.It's a leg in the door to start selling car photos.

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Thanks also for the feedback. I decided just to post this one image but I have other more complete sets of shots of a car that I think I should probably submit for critique!

That would be good.Some shots at a recent "coffee n chrome" meet.I first got interested in taking pictures of cars when I did wedding photography.

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Australian 4 door muscle cars are awesome! Also your first picture has a green C3 Vette (like my picture) and a blue Plymouth Duster (my first car and one I still own)! Nice shots!

Thanks Xander. one of my sons is a car enthusiast so it rubs off a bit.

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Tell him to pick a cheaper and less disruptive hobby like gambling or crack cocaine ;)

What do they say? Lol.