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Critique Pt 2: Complete Photoset of Porsche 911/930

I appreciated you guys looking at the Corvette shot but the feedback was to offer more than just a single detail shot. This is the complete photoset I'm proudest of. These were also shot at a Cars and Coffee event but the car was parked away from the main event and I got some nice alone time with it. The spotlessly clean paint and morning light also contributed excellently.

911s and other swoopy cars (Cobras, older Jaguars, etc) really seem to benefit from the CPL and I like how I was able to make the curves of the car pop with it. My editing process on these photos was desaturating the background when I felt it distracted and punching up the contrast to highlight the reflections playing over the car. I also brought the warmth up a bit to bring out the golden morning light.

I'm annoyed at some of the inconsistencies in the reflections (particularly over the wheel well in the first shot) but I don't think I'm good enough at Photoshop to edit them out in a natural way. Do you think it distracts a lot?

Would love to hear any thoughts you folks have!

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Hi Xander, I like what you've done with this set of photos. You got some nice angles and lighting. I also like how how you desaturated the backgrounds. The effect is subtle, but nevertheless it puts the focus more on the cars, which after all is the point when I photograph cars.

The element I like the least in your first photo is the group of windows in the upper right corner. To me the windows compete for attention with the car. I would like to see the same shot with a plain brick wall in the background, but you can't always choose location. Anyway, thanks for sharing these. Nice work!

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Hey Geoff, thanks for your comments! Mainly about the first photo because I actually really liked those windows being there because of how the frame the rear slope of the car and the ducktail spoiler. But I could very well have just been enamored with my own work and they are distracting. I wonder if a faster lens and a blurrier background might have worked better?

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Love the car, great set of images my favourite shot is the fourth one