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A little speedlight action with an S550

So a little bit of multiple exposure blending and speedlight hits and this is what I came up with... time to invest in a strobe though.

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A dramatic look Andrew. looks a bit like Lightning McQueen!

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Hi Andrew. Thanks for sharing this. I like the general composition, the angle of the car, the blue background on the right of the photo. I wouldn't mind seeing the same shot with some subtle highlighting along the side of the car, similar to what is seen around the front headlight and grill? The front is a little more defined with subtle highlights and shadows than the rest of the car. Maybe that's the affect you were looking to achieve here, but I'd be curious to see some of that along the side of the car also. Just curiosity on my part, no criticism of what you've achieved here.

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I would have liked to had a little more dynamic on the side too, I think a soft box on the speed light may have helped. Or maybe a shorter exposure

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I agree with Geoff but unfortunately have too little experience in lighting to give specific advice. But if you wanted to get into Photoshop or even some of Lightroom's selective tools it looks like there's enough of that high side body line in the image you could probably bring back some of that in post. Damian Plisko's style (very helpful YouTube car editing videos) but like 10% of the effect.

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Cool shoot, love it