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My First Automotive Capture

Hello everyone, I am very excited to be a new member to the Fstoppers community. I have been shooting for a little under 2 years. Still a newbie but learning and growing everyday.

This is my first automotive shot and i'm pretty happy with it. Shot from a skyway at a drag strip above the starting line through a retaining fence.

Always open to comments, positive criticism, and advice.

Nice to be here, see you around.


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Welcome Louie.Good work but I think I would have done something about the fence.You may not have had time to think about that though.On the other hand if you like it that's fine.

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Shot was done very quickly and the fence was unfortunately an obstacle I could not get around. Just part of the story IMO. Next time I need a drone!

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Yeah I agree with Geoff that the lines of the fence are kind of an unfortunate side effect of the angle. I think part of the problem is that they're so blurred at the top of the image it's almost just dark haze but as they gain definition they become more distracting and it's inconsistent. If you had pulled back a bit I think they all would have been uniformly focused and more consistent. But that might not have been feasible with your gear/angle/height.

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Yea I can totally see it being distracting to someone. The shot happened in a moments time so setting up for in was not feasible. I found it to be interesting for the same reasons you find it distracting. Good to know both sides! Thank you!