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"Rat Rod"

I was attending a car show on the beach in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, when among the customary shined and buffed classic cars I stumbled across this "frankenstein".

The car started life as a high end 1949 Cadillac Model 62 Sedanette (what a mouthful!). As you can see, the roof has been severely chopped, the body lowered to within an inch or so of the ground, and other major modifications have turned it into what it is today. For all it's ugliness and stark contrast to the beautiful cars that were parked around this, there is still something intriguing about this "rat rod" that draws the eye to it.

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Great photo. I'm missing the 'ground' when i look at the image. I think some sort of surface the car stands on would improve the feel of the image.

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Thanks for the comment, Dirk. I've done a series of car photos with just the cars and the shadows they throw on the ground. I added this car to the group, but you're right, there is very little shadow from this car because it is so low to the ground and as a result it isn't anchored. Appreciate your comment