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New and learning! Rocket Bunny 86

Hey guys! I am Nathaniel, a 19 year old based in Colorado springs. I just started doing some photography on my own car as a starting point to learn the settings and techniques used in shoots and in post. I could really use some constructive criticism on my photos because i want to eventually become a professional (for personal use). Thank you all!

I use a Canon t6i with a 50mm lens! any recommendations on what camera bodies / lens' are best for automotive photography?

and yes this is my car i have been building it for about 2 years. still a lot i need to do but i am on my way there

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Sundar Thomas's picture

super clean shots bro. build is dope af too

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Thank you! Im starting to go out everyday just to experiment with new shoot spots etc. It's alot of fun

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thats the best thing you can do to improve. looks like you have some great locations around you too!

Xander Cesari's picture

Looks pretty good to me, I like the tones. If you don't already have one invest in a CPL filter, really awesome tool for cutting down reflections. In your fourth picture you could eliminate the whole horizon reflection from the side of the car and just get a nice even red.

The 50mm is a classic all arounder so that's always a good one to have in your kit. But I love my 24-105mm f4 for automotive work. Fast lenses are nice but usually you need a pretty wide depth of field to capture a car and most car photoshoots take place in good light anyway. 24mm is much more useful than 28mm for interior and engine bay shots and I regularly use the 105mm for detail shots and full body shots. So I think that lens is the sweet spot for a general purpose automotive lens. A lot of people also like an 85mm f1.8 prime for exterior shots or sometimes even a 70-200mm and go wayy far back. The compression effect of a long lens/long distance does as much for cars as it does for portraits!

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Thanks for the tips!! i will definitely look into getting another lens like that. and the filters!

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Yeah lenses are a much bigger investment so just something to start thinking about. But the CPL filter is a game changer for automotive so order that one ASAP!

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Cool shots. Shooting with an overhead sun like that is a lot more challenging as you'll have to deal with all types of funky glare and light.