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Which model?

Unfortunately, I am not expert in this area, and I don't know which this car is, even who is the manufacturer (randomly photographed in Dubai).
Can someone who is experienced based only on this photographed part know the brand of this car?

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Might be a Zenvo. However, being in Dubai, there's a better than average chance it is a one off custom car.

Edit: I was wrong. It is a Sin R1. https://sincars.co.uk

Nice find! Very rare car. I would love to see one in person.

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Yes, that's it. First time I hear about that manufacturer. Thanks a lot Thomas I would never guess which model it is.

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Bet you can't even fit a decent tripod in it! How many reviews of such cars mention whether they even HAVE a boot (trunk to
N Americans)? Yet they're usually called Grand Tourers.

They used to say in the Ferrari club here that you could tell who'd arrived at an overnight club outing in a Boxer, because their luggage was in plastic bags, tucked in around the wheel arches and other odd greasy, dusty places. Not very Grand...

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Yes, it's very small, but I guess it's and very expensive.
Definitely not for a landscape photographer :)