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JDM or German Engineering?

I know the jdm community is very big and strong but hear me out on this, German cars are consistently better for performance and daily drive-ability but jdm cars tell more of a story and have more character. Thoughts?

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Adrian Geronimo's picture

I find a lot of euro cars to be unreliable after a short term ownership. I think this is where jdm cars shine thru, and they’re easier to maintain and have cheaper running costs

Bryan Carleton's picture

This is very true JDM cars do last a lot longer

Alex Herbert's picture

Picking up my first jdm tomorrow!

Bryan Carleton's picture

No way! What car man and what are you planning to do to it?

Alex Herbert's picture

Not sure it counts... Infiniti Q50S Hybrid?

Bryan Carleton's picture

I personally don't count infiniti to be jdm but that's still a sweet ride and all that matters is that you like it.

If money is no object, German will always be better. If you care about reliability JDM is the way to go.

Bryan Carleton's picture

I can see your point but you gotta remember building a car like a jdm can be a pain in the butt and may take a little to get it right but once you do get it dialed then it’s smooth sailing.

Graham Taylor's picture

Too broad a statement, definitely depends on the cars in question! I'm die-hard JDM but you would struggle to find a car as engaging as an old 911 to drive.