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Ocean City Cruise Week, few of my shots

All shot on a Sony a7ii with help from a flashpoint 600 ttl. Multiple frames to make each. Would love some feedback and CC!

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Adrian Geronimo's picture

All are great! I love the rich colors and the way the lighting is set up. My only gripe, and this is being picky is the lens flare from the lamp post in the first photo. Otherwise, it’s still my favorite out of all. Good job

Andrew Wiest's picture

yeah i didnt love those either, it was intermittently raining mid shoot and out of fear of bumping the camera we just kinda lightly wiped it off and kept working. Was hoping id have atleast one clean frame they didnt show up but they were pretty much there in all of them.

Adrian Geronimo's picture

it's not even that bad.

Andres Cifuentes's picture

Good looking shots man, what reflector/modifier did you use for the flashpoint? Too bad about the flare on the first shot, really cool with the puddle reflection.

Andrew Wiest's picture

no modifier, just straight bulb, ive played with a few softboxes but I've been getting better results without it at all.