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MX5 / Miata Shoot for a product and viral Ad

Shot my own MX for a client that produces modifying components for the MX market. All shot in studio on Canon 5d Mk 4 for a set of product stills and video content edited and produced for an online viral campaign.

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I am assuming those lights replace the OEM headlights? Or are they accent lights? I would make them brighter but you probably also want to show the grid as well....tough to do in one shot.
Right now to me they look dim.

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Nothing on your profile here Mike, why is that?

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They are daylight / sequential indicators replacements which are adequately demonstrated in the viral ad. The brightness is exposed correctly, if you over brighten them the detail will be lost it’s about demoing the product not burning out the mage. These images were used in the social media campaign and used client site. It was so successful that they completely sold out of stock, so we must had been doing something right ....

Ok I'm sorry. Don't take my comment too hard. The client likes it and I am glad they sold out.
I didn't realize that it was an NA model and mistook the indicator lights as some sort of headlight replacement. My mistake. At first glance I did not see the popup headlights in the main shot.
I have found that headlights can be hard to shoot, especially if the client wants to see the detail work.
I guess I never really thought about showing work on Fstopper, if someone is curious about if I am full of shit or have an idea what I am talking about they can google my name.

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Man these TSIs look amazing. I feel like the first shot is a tad underexposed, maybe a shot of the whole car would have been better to put them in context as the second shot is perfect as a detail shot? Great photos anyway, I'd love to see the whole car, being an mx5 owner and fan myself :D