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Light Painted 2017 Mustang GT

This is my most recent attempt at light painting a car.

I picked up a camera 1.5 years ago & want to move more towards the "artistic" side of automotive photography. Take my work flow / methods with a grain of salt.

The photo itself is a composition of 10 different images layered together in Photoshop. Definitely a huge learning experience for me trying to figure out how to remove the sharper lines of light in the car's reflection from my light wand. The small areas could easily be taken care of using content aware, but some areas were too large for this.

I was able to tackle the larger areas using frequency separation. On the texture layer I brought the texture back by using the clone stamp tool and sampling from a region of the car's paint with enough detail. Color of course was on the color layer. A bit of content aware and the mixer brush to bring the color together.

Lots of little things here and there, but the majority of this was masking out different parts of the car and then retouching the car.

Would love to hear some feed back and critique to see how I can improve!


P.S. I recently picked up a Godox AD200 pro and plan to start using that.

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