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Bugatti Chiron pur sport

My name is Harisanker, I am a Dubai UAE based automotive photographer and retoucher I have been shooting for about 7 years now, was working with Evo magazine middle east recently started as a freelance photographer/retoucher. Joined this group almost 2 years back but never posted anything, So I posted a picture from my recent shoot along with this, Take a look and let me know your thoughts on this. :)

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Mike Ditz's picture

Oh! there's a car over there! The leading lines lead to the vertical signpost up to the sign and the bright sun...then there's the car. Not sure it works for me.

Martin Kirikal's picture

I like it. It is very common to use this kind of compositions for magazine layout.

Mike Ditz's picture

Maybe in a magazine it would work better but as is, the sign is the pretty dominant feature...

Grant Schwingle's picture

Narrative is welcome when typically it's just metal plastic and rubber. The sign and the way its shot are I'm sure meant to make you feel something other than "oh cool car."

Black Z Eddie .'s picture

I like it. I look with both eyes open and clearly see the car. The backlit sign doesn't bother me. It adds to the story.

saif sarwar's picture

Dude this is amazing ! loved it