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Hotrod Photo

I'm fairly new to photography and have been playing around with different genres to figure out what my lane is. Anyways, my brother-in-law is into Hotrods and has had this car for a few years. He decided to sell it and is in search of his next auto project. It's a pretty cool car and didn't want to miss the opportunity to play around with light painting. This is my first attempt at light painting and I'm just OK with it. Not as cool as some of the stuff I've seen here and online. I used an led flashlight with a mag mod diffuser to soften the light up some. I think next time I'll pick up a light stick to see if that provides more even light coverage over the vehicle. I'm thinking I may have over sharpened the vehicle...was trying for a gritty look.

The image is a blend of eight different shots using photoshop. I then exported to lightroom for some finishing touches.

Always interested in critique, tips, and pointers on how to improve the photo. What do you like and what would you have done differently.

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I like it. It's a little spooky due to the backdrop. One thing that might be fun would be to light the cab brightly and lower the light on the car itself. Maybe do some highlight lighting with the flashlight. I'd also try a shot through the rear window, and one across the front at an angle, split between the drivers side window and the windshield. Nice subject matter.