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Skatepark Photos

I haven't posted anything in a while here are a couple photos that I took a little while ago. What do you guys think do you like the flash or is it better without flash?

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Richard Morwood's picture

I like the series. Always be wary of what's behind your subject. First and second shot are great! Rider is clearing the fence, and second one stands out easily against the sky.
Third one, I wish was a multi-shot of the rider leaving the ground midair and landing, as is I'm not sure where on the ramp he will be landing. Also the power line is cutting his head.
Last one I feel the skaters colour doesn't fit the rest of the lighting. Orange sunset makes his shirt and the ramp look cold in comparison. Use the flash to get the capture, then edit a little to make the scene fit. Also, powerlines cutting through his feet.
Because everything else in the scene is a silhouette, perhaps this would look great if the rider was also silhouetted, or atleast darker.

Bryce Dean's picture

Thanks for the input. I think agree with everything you said I need to work on my composition a little bit and be careful of what is in the background.