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New photos

Update - Just wanted to update this post with 5 of my favorite shots I've gotten over the last few months. Any feedback would be great, I don't have any real training as a photographer so I know my technical skills aren't the best but I enjoy capturing these moments with my friends and I'm just trying to improve my photos.

I haven't posted on here in a few months but I wanted to share some newer photos I got.
I didn't shoot any sports for a while there but I've finally got back into the groove. Just looking for some CC and I know you beautiful Fstoppers users can help me out.

The first shot is friend of mine taking apart his skateboard after stomping it into 4 pieces.
The second shot is another friend boosting the 2nd jump in a line.
The third shot is Chris Morell doing a huge air table while I look down from the upstairs chill area.
The forth is Cory Lahey doing a barspin to manual to start a line while Jesse films and the homies watch
The fifth is Chris airing over Nate while the sun sets
The sixth is a random skater doing a back 360 grab over the box jump
The seventh is CR doing a simple wallride out of the wheelchair ramp.

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