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MX Shots, any thoughts

First run with the D500 for some motocross, any thoughts would be appreciated

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Craig Jeffries's picture

Focusing on the D500 looks great. If I was the rider at an event and someone said here's some shots of you out on track, I'd be stoked, they look awesome.

However if they were for advertising purposes then maybe you'd look at adding artificial lighting to the last shot, so I guess it all depends on your audience, the purpose of who you're shooting for. Also, I do find the water tower in the bottom shot, and the white building in the top photo distracting, but there maybe nothing you could have done about those. I like how the bike/rider fill the frame on all the shots. Mind me asking what lens you were using? Looks like you were pretty close to the action.

If I was taking the bottom shot, I'd love to see the background/ambient darkened on the bottom shot and a strobe or 2 lighting up the front of the rider/bike. This is just my opinion, I've never shot Motor cross, but I do a lot of Race Car stuff.

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Thanks Craig. This was just an open practice so no chance of using any kind of lighting on the track. The sun was giving me some very harsh light as well. I was using a Tokina AT-X Pro 11-20mm on all these shots.

Gerd Moors's picture

I like the composition of your first image; a nice low point-of-view.
Have you already done some post processing on the image? The first image could use some lens correction or straightening the horizon.
The bottom image displays some nice action, but imo, there's too few space in front of the biker. The front wheel almost hits the edge of your photo.

Chad Martin's picture

Thanks for the tip on the lens correction, that's something I did not do on this image. And I agree I wish I could have gotten a lot more space on the bottom image but from my point of view it was hard to see which line the rider was going to take coming over the hill. I didn't want to be further back or use a cropped down image for this shot so everything was really tight when they hit the inside line here.

Chris Johnson's picture

Very nice shots! You nailed the timing and to me that is the biggest issue with most action shots.
The other commenters did a great job critiquing the technical aspects of the shots so I have nothing to add to that. I do agree that adding some flashes would make the images look a bit cleaner but for just playing around these are great.