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Hi, I'm new to the Group. I thought to try my hand at sports photography & came back with these two perhaps being the best of the lot. The light was miserable, it had rained earlier for the photo of the three women. I had to do a ton of processing to get something reasonable out of it while the other one took less work. For that one I tried to focus on the runner standing still while action was happening around her. Please let me know if it was worth the effort.

Sony a6000.
Fast Women: Rokinon 85mm / f1.4 / 1/400 s / ISO 400
Relay Runners: Sigma 19mm f2.8 EX DN / ISO 3200

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Chris Johnson's picture

I really like the first shot, Great timing and I like how the runners are frozen in action but there is still a touch of blur on the legs to show the movement.
The bottom shot looks really off to me, It looks like a posed shot to me. With the one person standing everyone else looks like they are standing still.

Gary Neita's picture

Thanks for the comments. In the bottom shot I wanted to emphasize movement so I focused on the girl standing still, but I see your point. Front runner does look somewhat posed.