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First Real Day with Strobes

Finally got out and did some shooting with strobes you can see all the images at the link below. Something that I plan on really learning this year is lighting so let me know what you think of the images and blog post.


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gunnar Lindstrom's picture

The only suggestion I can give you is Practice Practice Practice. I always try to have two strobes one for ground fill, and the next one for in the air/bounce card light, and if possible shoot at golden hour. They look great! keep shooting :)

Russell Johnston's picture

Thank You, and ya I will keep pushing, its my 2017 goal.

Brendon Fidek's picture

Looked on your site at all the images! Real nice! You kept them looking pretty natural too, which I like. Nice job!

Joey Washburn's picture

How is going so far? Halfway into 2017? Any new shots?