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Swoard extreme carving in Zinal (Switzerland)


Recently I was shooting a customer event in Zinal for the swiss snowboard brand, Swoard.

It was a good possibility to see if the X-T2 autofocus is so good as Fujifilm is saying ... I had to compare with the last year when I shooted the same event
with a 7D II and a 5D III.

These shots are taken with the 50-140 and the 100-400.

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To start they look very sharp and the rider is frozen in action perfectly.
The first is my favorite being a nice close up detailed shot but I wish you had shot some with a bit more breathing room to show of the location a bit better. The second shot is nice you can see a bit of the backdrop but I personally like to see action shots showing off the location and the feeling more than just close up detail shots.
The editing looks a bit flat to me, but that is all personal preference so do what you like.
Hope this was of a bit of help.