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Spring Bmx Photos

The spring has been really good to us here, staying nice and dry and usually above freezing so we have been doing lots of riding.
I know bmx doesn't get much love on here but any feedback good or bad would be greatly appreciated.

Photo 1 - This is actually me riding, I saw this set up and knew it would make a good shot but nobody I was could tuck the bike up the way I had imagined so I set up my tripod and got my friend to hit the shutter release.

Photo 2 - Cam G jumping the sidewalk gap from one narrow ledge to another. (Could have used a flash on the rider for sure)

Photo 3 - Darcy doing a tuck no hander from the ledge over the sidewalk into the street.

Photo 4 - Jesse trying to fix his bike after a few crashes

Photo 5 - Shawn doing a double tire ride on the skinny top of a garbage couch we found on the way to the skatepark.

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Love BMX stuff, wish I saw more. There used to be a really cool IG feed that I followed. wehavemotive but it has not been updated in a couple years

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Here is a shot from the track the other day. Post some more stuff, would love to check it out