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- First Post -

Hi! This is my first post here, I just want to know what I can do to make this photo better and where I can learn it? (Tutorials)


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A good person to follow for food photography is Steve Hansen Images. Look him up on youtube, he teaches good stuff, especially on food styling.

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Hi. Nice shot!!! CC's:
1. Burger and bottle in focus so for me bottle is disturbing from hero-burger. Try to put wood plate closer to camera, than put filled glass with beer, bottle and potato in order you like.
2. You can try different angles so we can see what kind of souse do you have for that burger or put some on burger and let the same angle.
3. If you did this photo in restaurant try to find more interesting background
4. try different lighting to gain nice look.
Wish you luck :)
5. Rob Grimm - food photographer, but you also search "food styling" tonns of information and ideas.