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Nic Crilly-Hargrave's picture

Burger shot

Trying to up my burger game if anyone has feedback

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Scott Spellman's picture

Cool action shot with good composition and color. My main improvement would be to remove the wrapper.

Jason Connel's picture

I like the concept. It creates a relationship between the viewer and the food. The burger is bright and juicy. Nothing worse than a dry burger.

A little food styling here wold help. I miss seeing the bottom bun. The lettuce I feel is taking too much. The thumbs would've made a great framing element to to burger. If that one onion falling in the center was removed or tucked in I think that would help.

The wrapper. I didn't mind it first. In fact I like the idea. What I found after looking at the image for a bit is that because its white my eye wants to go to it. It keeps drifting. Our eyes naturally want to move to the brightest part of the frame. So if the wrapper was darker like butcher paper it may help, but at the same time it may blend to much with the food.

Finally I processed it a little different to draw the attention into the burger a little more. Easier to do it.

I think I'm going to do something similar to a taco project I have coming up. Great stuff!!!