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My attempt on the use of Natural light on the new food genre

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Hi Antony,

Natural light is a great source for food images. It makes the food seem real and appetizing. It can sometimes be so soft that the lighting appears flat and you lose detail but that is not a problem when you shot from above.

The biggest share I have is about food styling. On the single plate images how much better would those plates look with a simple garnish? Maybe a stem of Cilantro or even one of those condiments close by?

Another trick editorial food photographers use is to have a utensil on the dish making it appear we've interrupted someone eating. In your case that might be a piece of torn bread. If these images were for a restaurant then that might not work but anything that makes your image look "active" really helps engage the viewer.

One little nit … you might want to check your "horizon" to make sure it's level. Those boards are a big give-away when it's off even a little bit.

You'll have to excuse me now. I'm getting hungry and need to go have lunch.

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Hi Daniel L Miller
Thanks so much for the detailed insight_something worthy screenshot for referral in my next photoshoot, every day is learning curve.