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First Attempt in a Very Long Time

I got inspired to try some still life after not doing it for more than 2 years. I used to get creative at home and try different things out.

This is a single exposure using two light sources and a small reflector.

I'd appreciate it if i get comments on what I could have done better. Constructive criticism will be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Tarek. Am a student of photography yet. Sharing my thoughts as fellow learner...
(1) first thing hitting is, I feel the objects need to be lit well. I understand a stone is at back, a light at front too is needed.
(2) for my understanding, product photography is all about the hero object and rest of the elements would primarily lead to that, support, complement at the same. this frame is confusing...what is the hero
(3) for me, the composition is very flat. there is no interest to hold the vision.
(4) another mix up is perhaps the choice of elements. in still life/product some elements look good from front, some from top and some at 45. in this frame all 3 got mixed.


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I was limited with the lighting i had, tried using a reflector on top of them, but it didn't do much

The main object for me in the pic was the olive oil container, but after reading your point, it fails to be the hero of the shot. skipped that point completely.

Thanks a lot for your support! Appreciated

Charles J's picture

In temperature and hardness, the light from the rear comes off as the morning sun. I like the concept. However, the second light source from camera left is cool, midday light through a diffused window. The temperature of the "suns" aren't complimentary IMHO. I like the warm light as it goes with the home-y feeling of the objects.

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Yes, i i had an issue with the WB between both lights. On the left, i was using a flash+softbox, on the right, i was using a torch wich WB adjustment lever. I should have used a gel on the flash to balance the lights out.

Same as above, these minor details skipped my attention.

Thank you very much for your feedback!