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StreetPhotography the Begining

Hello , i'm new in the group and new in the world of the street photography.

i'm here to share some of the pictures that i took yesterday in my beautiful city of strasbourg

i would love to have feedback to see how can i improve.

hope you like thoses pictures

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I am with Broken on this, you have a good eye for shots - just keep shooting. Maybe look at a photographer you admire and figure out what you like and why. Then you can apply it while you develop your own style further.

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My favorites from this set are the staircase shot and the through-the-lens shot. The T-T-L shot is wonderful. As far as advice, I might suggest playing around with your cropping, specifically, excluding some or most of a shot and focusing on just one element.

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Thanks you
the shot through the lens is my fav as well at least one of them, TTL = Trough the lens right ?
i actually played a lot on the cropping i need to nail my composition a lil bit better next time like that i would have more room to play,and focus on 1/2 lens as well

for the One element what do you mean by that ? shadows,places or something like that ?

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In the past, I have found that I can change the feeling of a picture by cropping the shot in a non-traditional frame. This picture is a favorite of my horse, Cookie. She is on the left. This crop is the third of the shot, taken out of the middle. Without this crop, I really wasn't thrilled with the shot, having cropped it, I am happier with it. I find that I enjoy looking for interesting crops within a larger picture.

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I'm curious to know what a traditional frame is, I just crop off the bits that don't add to the image. Do you mean like, 10 by 8 etc?

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Yes, Mike, that would be a "traditional" frame. 4x5, 16x9, etc. The picture I posted above started off as a full-frame 16:9. Off the top of my head, I cannot remember the parameters, but it is more of a "custom" framing.

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see you can give ideas :D i'll try and sqee if i like the non traditional crop btw your horse look Masssssive :D the crop look really cool would love to see it printed :D

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Ideas and opinions are the chief benefit of being in this community in my opinion. If we just did our own thing all the time, why would we ask for feedback.

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yes exactly , i love to try many different way of shooting , ideas and stuff but sometimes it's hard to find some on your own :D

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Thanks Darin, I am only now starting to look at printing my work so cropping for frames and traditional sizes has not been a priority. It should add another dimension to my work and flow.

L Gao's picture

I like the black and whites :)

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Unlike a lot of people who say they are just starting out, these are not too dark (especially the B&Ws). For some reason, many beginners think they need to make their photos super dark with lots of completely black chunks in the photo, but these are all very well exposed and still have an edgy, gritty feel.

I think the compositions are hit or miss, but the technical aspects are well done.