Lone resident.

Read about this beautiful circular public housing in Hong Kong. Built in the 1970s. I manage to "sneak" in to get this shot. My adventure only lasted for 10 minutes before the security officer found me and was ask to leave.. I guess its all worth the while, right?

Sorry no photos but a question...

Ok so I am out taking photos and and what not. And you have spoken with someone so you could take their picture. How do you bring up the topic of model release should you wish use the picture for say, stock shots or some other purpose?

Gylliver in Liliput

A coastal city by the Mediterranean sea in Egypt called Matrouh has a famous huge rock not so far from the shore, people come from all over Egypt to climb it up and jump back to the sea, when i saw this scene, i immediately thought of Gulliver and the tiny people of Liliput so i took the shot.


This was a local mechanic resting, post noon after lunch.
No matter where you are, how you are, what conditions you are in, how hard life is, giving yourself some time and living for yourself for just a brief moment may give you the strength to go to the next level.

Carriage in winter storm

Carriage in a heavy winter storm in the city Groningen in the Netherlands. I made this picture when I was capturing a wedding. We (the wedding couple, the quest and myself) where all hiding for this heavy winter storm in a cafe. I saw the wedding carriage was leaving and I quickly opened a window in the cafe and was just in time to capture this...

only in bali

Moving day for a lembu (sarcophagus) in preparation for a royal cremation ceremony in Ubud, Bali.

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