New Years Eve Celebration - North of Romania

Photos taken during New Years Eve Celebration - North of Romania thanks for looking!
Last: May 5, 2020

Prone to wander

I’m just a rookie looking for some helpful advice. Anyone have any ideas about how I could have improved this image in...
Last: May 3, 2020

New member just saying hi!

Hello there, just joined a few days ago and wanted to say hi :) Heres what I've uploaded to my portfolio so far, will...

NYC 4/15/2020

Was able to get out and see NYC during COVID
Last: March 27, 2020

Constructive Criticism Please

Constant drizzle to down-right pouring rain, thus, constantly wiping the lens since the tripod was lower and looking up...

Freedom of expression

I saw this in Manhattan this last weekend. While most the city seems to be a bit desolate, this seems to explain what...
Last: March 26, 2020

Distance on the street.

New times, new challenges. How are you coping? Longer lenses, etc.? I am considering everything, from shooting out the...
Last: March 25, 2020

Lockdown in Italy

Hi, I live in the north of Italy and, as you probably know, we are currently under lockdown. If I could, I'd be on the...
Last: March 17, 2020

the Art of fine art

creative use of the raw material that is in abundance
Last: March 16, 2020

We cannot stay indoors all day

Whilst the world is in lockdown we need to find ways to still breath some fresh air and enjoy life
Last: March 8, 2020

Middle-aged couple walking on the beach

From 2006, a couple I spied walking onto Miami Beach just after sunrise.
Last: March 7, 2020

The Red Cafe

London - "Johnny" Walker photo bomb :)
Last: March 7, 2020


streets/canals in Delft, Netherlands
Last: March 7, 2020

Tastes Like Home

This colorful character was found meandering down a city street - it took some bobbing & weaving to get an...
Last: February 24, 2020