Street photo while exploring Brooklyn

Landscape photography was the easiest genre for me to get into as an avid outdoors person but I had always been intrigued with street photography. I envied and admired the real life moments that people captured so, I set out to try it for myself. Brooklyn is a dream for street photography! Let me know what you think.

New to fstoppers

Hi everyone,

Been browsing through fstoppers for a couple of months now and finally decided to join the community. Took up photography to capture family moments and our travels. Anyway, I started street photography not too long ago and would really appreciate some comments/critique to some of my work here. Thanks!

New Member

Hi, I just joined Fstoppers and found this group. There are a lot of really good photographers here! I've only uploaded 3 shots so far. I don't know how good they are...I'm a little intimidated!

Stan's Donuts

Street photography is my side hobby, something that I do to relax. But, living in a rural town it's a bit hard to get out and do very often. So, when I get to big cities I kind of relish the opportunities.

There was just something about the mixing of colors and light that really makes me like how this picture turned out.

A lot...

Is the beach part of "Street Photography"?

Hi guys!
Living in LA (westside especially, by the beach), always feel my street photography differs drastically from the well-known NYC-based, London-based, Tokyo-based photographers. What do you think? Are the beach, the boardwalk part of street photo as you see it? Eager to hear your pov. It's also a question of how to compose, frame....

Some of my Recent Stuff

Street photography is one of those things that always a hit or miss for me. It's hard for me to often take it seriously as it''s my time away from being "professional" but its something that I do that I'd like my professional self to be proud of.

Getting back into it.

Hello everybody! This is my first post on Fstoppers... I've been an amateur photographer for over thirty years, but put the hobby down for quite a while. Recently got rid of all my old film equipment, and put together a decent kit with a used Canon 6D and some decent starter glass, and I'm having a ball.

I'm still learning how to...

Just started

I've just started dipping my toes in some street photography after being inspires by guys such as Sean Tucker and Craig Whitehead. Would love to know what you think and get some feedback.

Reflected from Shadow

Samsung Galaxy s8 plus with .45 wide angle lens on the native F1.7 lens at 4.25mm focal length ISO 50, 1/125s exposure My first time posting to this group,
I love getting these nice reflection shots on my smartphone, and using these external lenses help give me nice unique compositions for a smartphone.

If you had only one city to shoot in..

Living in Singapore for the last year, I really missed the SF culture. Took to the streets in my last visit back home. Walked all around the large hilled city all day! My legs were sore for the next month. Any one else have that one city they just love shooting in? Would love to see them!

London past bedtime

I'm a night street photographer based in London, I can't sleep so rather than stay indoor I go out and wander around the streets of London at night.

Street Photography Camera Settings: Under-exposure

People often ask me about street photography camera settings. When we were starting out in photography we were almost certainly taught to take great care to expose correctly – it’s one of those photography ‘rules’ which should never be broken. However, as we become more experienced we start to experiment, often to the point where rule-breaking...