Last Minute (Looking for criticism!)

I took a trip to Chicago, last weekend. After a day of taking photos, and a night of drinking beer, my friend and I headed back to the train. This girl followed us up to where the train was waiting, and I decided to quickly try and capture a photo of her, as my last photo of the trip. I've only been shooting for a couple months, but I'm so...

Making money....

I don't know if this has been asked before here or not, but was wondering how one goes about making money doing street photography? Who do you sell your work too? How do you find clients for street photography?

Homeless but full of hope.

I stopped to talk to this gentleman the other day. His story is so sad. He had a home, decent job, but lost it all after a house fire. Even though he’s down on his luck, he was super friendly and had such a positive outlook on life. He graciously allowed me to photograph him.

Citizen from Nice- France

Here it is my first contribution to this group.

I'm Stephan, a French candid street photographer and i live in Nice.
I am passionate about everyday people and my favorite playground are authentic public places, mostly old markets. I find people naturally beautiful, expressive, touching, and I'm attached to their faces so full of...


I decided to try my hand at some street photography, this evening. Admittedly, I was pretty nervous. Any criticism is more than welcome. Also, I'd really like some tips for becoming comfortable out on the streets of a big city. I don't live in Indianapolis; in fact, I come from the exact opposite of a big city (my hometown is roughly 1,200...

Meters from the beach

My first contribution in this group. I like to do street photography especially in Cuba, you just have to change your angle and you have a different shot! This one was done in the streets of Varadero very close to the beach and it's quite a contrast with the tourists enjoying the sun.

CC welcome!

Street musicians - banality or good for training?

Hello everyone, this would be my first discussion of Fstoppers.
Would love to hear your comments on the photo - composition and post.
And also would love to hear your opinion on practicing on street musicians - I always thought this is a banality and... kind of a "low-hanging fruit" for street photography, but couldn't get past this...

Street photo while exploring Brooklyn

Landscape photography was the easiest genre for me to get into as an avid outdoors person but I had always been intrigued with street photography. I envied and admired the real life moments that people captured so, I set out to try it for myself. Brooklyn is a dream for street photography! Let me know what you think.