Take this one at early autumn morning, i see the birds by the church and walking man. I have only 24mm f/2.8 pancace at my camera, slowly little bit closer to wait right moment, click*

Paris at night

Hi everybody,
For my first post in this group, I would like to share this picture I shot in Paris, the 1st of june 2016.
For the story, the Seine river was in flood, after several days of rains. Hard night to walk in Paris this night, with my...

Fujifilm X Tips & Tricks

Here are some tips & tricks I have picked up in my time with the X-Pro2, although most will relate to other X cameras.

What's your best tip for these fairly unique cameras?


Well, this is the first photograph I post there since I'm a member (sick!).

What a romantic atmosphere to be in Italy (Sicilly) and listen a nice street musician.

But the reality face to something more rude. Coming from South Spain, Cesar try...

Burned Artistry

I shot this amazing photo a few months ago when I traveled to New Orleans. It was a gloomy day and as I was passing on the tram I immediately hopped off and ran back to this building. It was a terrible sight to see and i hope no one was seriously injured....

Would welcome some Critique

Hi everyone, I have only been making photographs for the past 9 months and have come to really appreciate street photography as a genre.

Any constructive critique would be greatly welcomed



malgrado i tempi che corrono ci sono ancora coppie coraggiose che mettono al mondo figli, io ammiro tutto ciò, e questa Mamma con tre figli piccoli è la conferma che, malgrado un mondo difficile, ci si deve credere che può cambiare mettendo al mondo chi...

Regional Moments.

Recent images for an ongoing body of work "Regional Moments".
Regional NSW , Australia.

Images Captured on
Pentax 645Z + FA45-85mm
Fujifilm X100T

Instagram @thomasbrownphoto

Thanks for looking guys. Tom