Aliens in the Shuk.

Walking in the main open market in Jerusalem I came across a group of 3 people standing, lost in the middle of the cross roads. They seemed like a cut-out from a movie, out of place and lost.

The picture was taken with a mobile device, Samsung Note4 and edited with snapseed, one is an HDR enhanced light edit, the other a darker "retro...

London past bedtime

I'm a night street photographer based in London, I can't sleep so rather than stay indoor I go out and wander around the streets of London at night.

Streets of India

A local mechanic, resting post lunch.
No matter where you are, how you are, what conditions you are in, how hard life is, giving yourself some time and living for yourself for just a brief moment may give you the strength to go to the next level.


14/04/2017, to stefanos...
ilford delta 3200, 120 roll film
developer (mix) ddx+ilfosol+hc110
stop bath ilfostop
fixer ilford rapid fixer
shoot with hassy
place: james joyce (monastiraki)
scan with epson v700
without proseccing

Making friends in India's narrow neighborhoods

Visiting Ghaziabad for a friend of mine's wedding earlier this year, I had a few opportunities to explore the densely packed neighborhoods of his village. What I discovered was that for a lot of the younger people I came across, I was the first white American they had ever seen, and that more than anything they love to have their photo taken. I...

Street Art

I really enjoy street photography & street portraits. I also enjoy photographing street art such as murals, chalk drawing on pathways & graffiti. I do wonder if images of street art are genuine street photography, or just plagiarism & claiming the credit for work done by some else. Any comments?

Palermo street food at night

More description about the situation is on my blog:

I know about the out of focus guy in the front, I neet to get better with that but I hope it doesn't distract too much from the rest.

The guys on the left prepare, cook and grill Frutti di Mare during the evening and into the night. There are...