Street Bangkok

A Collection of street images I captured recently on a trip to Bangkok, Thailand. All Captured with the Olympus OMD EM1 and OMD EM1 MkII cameras and a collection of Olympus Zuiko lenses.


14/04/2017, to stefanos...
ilford delta 3200, 120 roll film
developer (mix) ddx+ilfosol+hc110
stop bath ilfostop
fixer ilford rapid fixer
shoot with hassy
place: james joyce (monastiraki)
scan with epson v700
without proseccing

Photo releases needed??

I shoot on the streets and try to obtain releases BUT this is not always possible, as you know. One attorney tells me I can photograph anyone in public where another one is not so sure. I sell my images at art galleries and via art festivals. WHAT do you do and is there definitive language that spells out what is really correct and current...

Gylliver in Liliput

A coastal city by the Mediterranean sea in Egypt called Matrouh has a famous huge rock not so far from the shore, people come from all over Egypt to climb it up and jump back to the sea, when i saw this scene, i immediately thought of Gulliver and the tiny people of Liliput so i took the shot.


Take this one at early autumn morning, i see the birds by the church and walking man. I have only 24mm f/2.8 pancace at my camera, slowly little bit closer to wait right moment, click*

London past bedtime

I'm a night street photographer based in London, I can't sleep so rather than stay indoor I go out and wander around the streets of London at night.

Streets of India

A local mechanic, resting post lunch.
No matter where you are, how you are, what conditions you are in, how hard life is, giving yourself some time and living for yourself for just a brief moment may give you the strength to go to the next level.

Making friends in India's narrow neighborhoods

Visiting Ghaziabad for a friend of mine's wedding earlier this year, I had a few opportunities to explore the densely packed neighborhoods of his village. What I discovered was that for a lot of the younger people I came across, I was the first white American they had ever seen, and that more than anything they love to have their photo taken. I...