Walking By

As hunger made motivated us to walk at a fast pace towards our restaurant, we passed this older gentleman. As soon as we walked in and waited to be seated, it all was timed just right for me to adjust settings and waited for just the right moment.. taken in Old San Juan Puerto Rico, Shot with an Olympus EP-5 through a 17mm 1.8

Took this a little while back. Comments?

I caught this while playing with a new 50mm prime lens at my daughter's university graduation. She turned just as I was taking the photo, otherwise her hair would've been perfectly in focus. Instead, I have a slightly softer and IMHO infinitely more interesting photo. Anyone have any comments or suggestions on how I might improve on this?

Can’t afford dinner much less the Super Bowl

I always like to recognize the entire environment I’m shooting in. While off hunting for batteries I discovered an entire new world 4 blocks from the Super Bowl. Festivities-the world of the poor,homeless and elderly. They were there quietly associating with each other, asking for nothing- but basically invisible. It was in stark contrast to...

The Rev Puffrock

From a series 'The Front Porch' - first exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery in London as part of the John Kobal Awards

For Brighter FUTURE

Kids on their way to school, in an urban street of Bangalore.
Despite the fact that one is specially able, his middle-class father make sure that they get Child-Education: the backbone of Our Nation


Hey I'm new here on fstoppers, I love photography and would love to get some feedback. I'm 19 years old, so experience and knowledge are basically unexisting. Trying to learn a lot and feedback is a part of that. Most of these picture's are picture I took on holiday with my family.
Sorry if there are mistakes in my english, I'm from...

Homeless but full of hope.

I stopped to talk to this gentleman the other day. His story is so sad. He had a home, decent job, but lost it all after a house fire. Even though he’s down on his luck, he was super friendly and had such a positive outlook on life. He graciously allowed me to photograph him.


I occasionally run into this old (about my age) biker/hippy when skulking around town with my camera. He loves to tell stories and I shoot while I listen.